Advancing community resilience, food justice, and ecological diversity by establishing safe haven for native and honey bees.

We are creating a more sustainable future through the gift of bees. Our Sponsor-A-Hive program places native bee homes and honeybee hives across the U.S. and Canada to empower underserved communities to grow food, bolster local ecology, and protect this vital keystone species.

Bees are responsible for pollinating one-third of the food we eat and lie at the heart of countless ecosystems. Each year, Sponsor-A-Hive gifts native bee homes or honeybee hives, equipment, and continuous training and support to schools, gardens, and other community groups to help foster local resilience.

We are incredibly grateful to our 2020 corporate sponsors Texas Roadhouse, Zarbee’s Naturals, Scout & Cellar and for additional support from Salomon Family Foundation, Manitou Foundation, Con Edison, and The New York Community Trust.

The Thunder Valley Farm is a recipient of a Sponsor a Hive award from The Bee Conservancy

“The Honeybee Conservancy bees will help us provide 2,200 pounds of fresh pesticide-free produce to our local food bank, located in a food desert.”

Joe Balderas

Sofia Quintero Art & Cultural Center, Ohio

Bee Home Awards

Our Sponsor-a-Hive award consists of two different types of bee habitats — honey bee hives and native bee houses. Each habitat requires unique elements for care and maintenance to ensure healthy and happy bee populations. Below, learn a little bit about the different bee homes we provide. Our 2020 award is exclusively for native bee houses.  

Honeybee Hives

  • Houses a colony of ~50,000 bees with one queen bee who can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day.
  • Produce honey and wax, which humans can harvest.
  • Active during spring, summer, and fall.
  • Requires a trained beekeeper to manage the hive and conduct routine upkeep during ~15 inspections a year.
  • Home to one species of bee.
  • Subject to local laws and community input. 

Native Bee Houses

  • Bees live a solitary life; each tube is home to one female bee who lays 5-7 eggs.
  • Does not produce honey or wax for human harvest.
  • Multi-season activity based on species and season.
  • No beekeeper needed; minimal training/education required.
  • Home to many bee species, including mason bees, leaf cutter bees, and small carpenter bees.
  • No legal restrictions on where they can be placed.

Sponsor-a-Hive Award Sites

We are proud to have gifted more than 300 bee homes to communities across the United States. By the end of 2020, our reach will extend north, bringing increased bee security across Canada.

Corporate Partners for Sponsor-a-Hive 2020 

Grant Support for Sponsor-a-Hive 2020 


Past Supporters of Sponsor-a-Hive include Patagonia, Neal’s Yard Remedies, The Mountain, Google, Trixie Cosmetics, Google, Sweet Harvest Foods, Trader Joe’s, Dadant, Barr Hill, Emily Austin, neubau, Mann Lake, Palais Des Thes, Boxed, Red Bee Honey, Pinkberry, James E. Dutton Foundation Inc., Harry Barker, Associated Photo + Imaging, Rowing Blazers, MYDAR, and Clif Bar Foundation.