Eligibility, Requirements, and Benefits

Sponsor-A-Hive places native bee houses and honey bee hives across the U.S. and Canada to empower underserved communities to grow food, bolster local ecology, and protect vital keystone species. Each year, we provide bee homes, ongoing support, and educational materials to schools, gardens, and other community groups to help foster local native bee resilience.

Spring 2021 Award: Native Bee Homes

Currently, 1 in 4 of North America’s 4000 bee species is at risk of extinction. To help protect and boost native bee populations, we are awarding up to 300 native bee homes across the United States, thanks to our generous program supporter Garnier

To uphold our commitment to sustainability, we designed a beautiful, lasting home with woodworker Cornelius Schmid that is constructed with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified, sustainably-sourced wood. Investing further in local communities and green jobs, our houses are manufactured by Brooklyn Woods, an organization that trains unemployed and low-income New Yorkers in woodworking and fabrication skills. Our bee tube partner is industry leader Crown Bees.

We’re so excited to share our unique native bee home with communities across the country! 

Native bee house designed by The Bee Conservancy for their Sponsor A Hive program.


Sponsor-a-Hive serves nonprofits, schools, and other organizations that share in our mission to bolster bee populations, healthy habitats, food security, and community resilience. Eligible candidates for a Sponsor-a-Hive Native Bee House awards fit the following criteria:

  • Located in The United States and Canada
  • Demonstrates the ability to serve as an educational resource
  • Demonstrates proximity to green space with ample bee forage (flowers, flowering trees, etc.) that supports food growth, education, or ecological conservation
  • Benefits an underserved area or community, such as a census tract of below-average food market density
  • Represents one of the following:
    • Pre-K, elementary, middle, or high school
    • College or university
    • Tribal organization or education agency
    • Animal protection, welfare, and services
    • Environmental center
    • Community center
    • Senior living communities
    • Food bank or community garden 
    • Nonprofit urban farms
    • Cooperative extension
    • Public parks
    • Nature preserves
    • Green belts
    • Zoo
  • Has been in verified, operational existence for at least one year

At this time, we do not award native bee homes or honeybee hives to individuals, families, or for-profit businesses.


    Sponsor-a-Hive awardees become part of The Bee Conservancy’s vast network of individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting bees and bolstering local food and communities. 

    Some of the benefits you will enjoy as a Sponsor-a-Hive native bee house awardee are:

    • A native bee home
    • Instructions on setting up and caring for your home
    • Family-friendly educational materials about native bees
    • Access to an online community of awardees to share information, experiences, and updates


    To help us expand our efforts to protect bees and habitat, collect data about wild bees, and improve our Sponsor-a-Hive program, we require all Sponsor-a-Hive recipients agree to:

    • Respond to three (3) short online surveys in your first and second years, and one (1) survey during your third, fourth, and fifth years.
    • Post to social media on your organization’s channels about your bee home a minimum of one (1) time in the first year of your award, tagging us in your post. By posting to social media, you grant The Bee Conservancy and our program sponsors permission to share your content on our own channels. Organizations that do not have social media accounts, must provide us with two to five (2 to 5) photos and details about the images.

    Exclusive Corporate Partner for Sponsor-a-Hive 2021


    We are thrilled to collaborate with Garnier, a brand setting the bar when it comes to sustainability with their Green Beauty initiative. This complete end-to-end approach to sustainability aims to transform every stage of Garnier’s value chain, reducing or eradicating environmental impact.

    Corporate Partners for Sponsor-a-Hive 2020 

    Grant Support for Sponsor-a-Hive 2020 


    Past Supporters of Sponsor-a-Hive include Patagonia, Neal’s Yard Remedies, The Mountain, Google, Trixie Cosmetics, Google, Sweet Harvest Foods, Trader Joe’s, Dadant, Barr Hill, Emily Austin, neubau, Mann Lake, Palais Des Thes, Boxed, Red Bee Honey, Pinkberry, James E. Dutton Foundation Inc., Harry Barker, Associated Photo + Imaging, Rowing Blazers, MYDAR, and Clif Bar Foundation.