Free Kids’ and Classroom Resources

Our philosophy is simple: it’s fun to Always BEE Learning!  Bees offer fascinating insights into the environment, biology, ecology, and nutrition. For educators or parents looking to create buzz about bees with children, we offer tools to inspire environmental stewardship, instill actionable knowledge about the world’s 20,000 bee species, factors that contribute to bee population decline, and kid-friendly ways to build habitat and food supplies that support bees.

The Bee Conservancy’s Kids and Classroom Resources have been developed by experts to educate, inspire, and empower individuals to pursue their passion for bees and the environment.

Bee a Buddy Comic Book

Have you met Bea?

She’s a Blue Orchard Mason Bee trying to make it in the world, and The Bee Conservancy wants to share her adventure with young readers with a passion for nature.

Bee a Buddy is an exciting free comic from The Bee Conservancy best suited for ages 7 through 12. Explore bee biodiversity through the eyes of Bea and join her on her journey overcoming unique challenges that lead her to find friendship and wisdom with unexpected pollinators!

A free digital version of is available for download below. If your organization has the resources, we encourage you to print color copies or do a read-along via an electronic device.

Hive Jobs Cut & Color Activity

Hive Jobs gives kids the chance to get creative while learning about some of the many jobs honey bees perform in their hive —  from nurse bees, to guard bees, to the oh-so-royal Queen. Children everywhere will soon be abuzz with excitement! This activity requires access to a printer, scissors, and your coloring tools of choice. Special thanks to Texas Roadhouse for sponsoring this activity.

Abuzz! News From the Hive

Abuzz! News from the Hive is a colorful, fun, educational magazine that teaches environmental stewardship through the lives of bees. This guide explains why bees are vital to our food supply and how kids can help to protect them. Abuzz is written and illustrated to engage and educate children in grades 2-3 and includes crafts, recipes, cartoons, puzzles and bee-focused classified ads.

The Educator’s Guide to Hosting a Beehive

Discover best practices to welcome bees to your educational center. This guide is based on years of experience managing hundreds of hives in K-12 schools, university campuses, and other institutions. Discover which bees to select, where to place them, and how to start a beekeeping program, plant bee-friendly gardens, and establish native bee homes.