We believe education is a path to transformation.

As individuals and communities learn about the essential role of bees in our ecosystem, they become more connected to and invested in the environment around them. In addition to hosting interactive events, citizen science programs, custom lectures, and public hive inspections, we offer a range of formal resources and opportunities to get you to your learning goal.

The Bee Conservancy’s Kids and Classroom Resources and Beekeeping Workshops and Courses have been developed by experts to educate, inspire, and empower individuals to pursue their passion for bees and the environment.

The Bee Conservancy Scholarship:

Cornell University 2022 Master Beekeeping Certification Program Scholarship

The Bee Conservancy scholarship to Cornell University's Master Beekeeper Certification Program

The Bee Conservancy is offering three (3) scholarships to Cornell University’s Master Beekeeping Certificate program for the 2022–23 academic year. These scholarships will be awarded to mid-level beekeepers with a minimum of three (3) years of beekeeping experience whose work with bees advances environmental stewardship, community resilience, and/or food justice.

The selection committee for this scholarship consists of Guillermo Fernandez (Founder and Executive Director of TBC) and Rebecca Louie (Managing Director of TBC). This scholarship was made possible through a donation from Texas Roadhouse.

The Cornell University program:

  • Starts in March of 2022 and lasts 15 months.
  • Consists of 4 online courses in Honey Bee Evolution, Biology, and Behavior; The Science and Art of Beekeeping; Managing Pests and Diseases; The Rewards and Contributions of Beekeeping
  • Culminates in a written, oral, and field exam series.

A Cornell University Master Beekeeping Certificate from Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Entomology will be awarded to individuals who complete the required coursework and receive a passing grade on the exam series.

Recipients of The Bee Conservancy’s scholarship will:

  • Be enrolled in the course that begins in March 2022, at no cost to the recipient.
  • Receive a travel stipend not to exceed $300 to travel to Ithaca, NY in 2023 to take final exams if unable to complete the exams digitally.

Scholarship awardees are required to:

  • Complete and receive a passing grade on all program coursework, including oral, written, and field exams.
  • Provide one (1) educational experience for TBC’s community.
  • Share their beekeeping story and course experience on TBC channels, and on the channels of scholarship partner Texas Roadhouse.



To be eligible for The Bee Conservancy’s scholarship to Cornell University’s Master Beekeeping Certificate program you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Live in the United States of America
  • Have at least 3 years of hands-on beekeeping experience.
  • Have access to a honey bee hive in your community.
  • Commit to completing and passing all course and field work, exams, and other activities required by Cornell to earn your Master Beekeeping Certificate.
  • Be able to meet all of the technical requirements listed on this page to participate in an eCornell program.
  • Not be an affiliate, employee, or immediate family member of the selection committee members.

“By the end of this series of courses on beekeeping, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to keep colonies healthy and productive year after year. You’ll be able to expand the amount, quality, and type of bee products and services you produce, and determine if you want to take advantage of the business opportunities that beekeeping can provide. You will gain a deep understanding of honey bees as living organisms and be able to navigate controversial topics so you can communicate with credibility in the beekeeping community. Lastly, you will be able to act as a resource to educate new beekeepers and participate in bee research and outreach.”

Cornell University Master Beekeeper Certification Program

 Beekeeping Courses and Workshops

Discover the sweet world of honeybees and beekeeping at one of our expert-led classes or workshops. We offer a range of engaging opportunities, whether you’re new to the field, an experienced beekeeper, or simply curious about the lives of these prolific pollinators. 

Workshop: Introduction to Beekeeping + Honey Tasting

Duration: 4 hours

Location: NYC (additional cities are in the works!)

Join us on an extraordinary look into the fascinating world of honey bees and beekeeping. This introductory workshop will walk you through the surprising history of beekeeping, how critical bees are to our food system, colony collapse disorder, the basics of a beehive design, bee biology, and how honey bees communicate through smell, sound, and dance. You’ll get the basics on how to manage and beehive, and learn about the unique issues urban beekeepers face. The workshop concludes with a “honey flight,” during which you’ll taste several honeys from around the world.

2022 Dates We are currently evaluating dates for this in-person event to ensure safety during the COVID19 pandemic. Please check back soon for more information.

Workshop: Preventing and Managing Swarms

Duration: 4 hours

Location: NYC (additional cities are in the works!)

While swarming is a natural occurrence, it’s important for beekeepers to prevent swarms to maintain their colonies and minimize public disturbance. Learn the science and behavior that causes swarming, how to prevent it, and early warnings signs that a colony is preparing to swarm. Understand the beekeeping calendar and how, when, and why you should split a hive to prevent swarming. Unlock the role of the Queen in a swarm, hive splitting techniques, and ways to safely capture and relocate a swarm. This class is ideal for intermediate beekeepers. 

2022 Dates We are currently evaluating dates for this in-person event to ensure safety during the COVID19 pandemic. Please check back soon for more information.