We believe education is a path to transformation.

As individuals and communities discover the essential role of bees in our daily life and ecosystems, they become more connected to — and invested in — the environment around them. Join us for interactive events, community science programs, webinars, honey bee Hive Dives, and more and let your passion for pollinators take flight! 

Events & Webinars

Our free online and in-person events educate, engage, and inspire environmental stewardship through the celebration of our favorite pollinators: bees! Join us for live honey bee “hive dives,” nature walks, webinars, tastings, arts and crafts, and more.

Community Science

Learn on the go, with a snap of a photo — and give data to one million scientists and researchers worldwide! Our community science project invites you to collect images of bees and pollinators, and collaborate with experts to identify local species.

Kids’ Activities

Bees are a science class with wings, offering fascinating insights into the environment, biology, ecology, and nutrition. Create buzz about bees with activities and guides that have been developed by experts to deliver insights and spark curiosity.

Beekeeping Awards and Scholarships

A thorough and ongoing education is essential to keeping honey bees — and in turn, local ecosystems — healthy and thriving. The Bee Conservancy has partnered with Zarbee’s and Texas Roadhouse to provide learning opportunities at Cornell University for growers, teachers, and beekeepers whose work advances food justice, education, and environmental conservation.

Food Justice Beekeeper Program

Gardeners and farmers in Washington (D.C.), Baltimore, (MD), Philadelphia (PA), Newark (NJ) can apply for beekeeper training and equipment to support their food justice organization. Sponsored by Zarbee’s.

Beginner Beekeeper Program

Individuals working in education, environmental conservation, or food justice can apply for a scholarship to eCornell’s Beekeeping Essentials course. Sponsored by Texas Roadhouse.

Master Beekeeper Program

Mid-level beekeepers can dive deeper into their craft and advance honey bee health with a scholarship to eCornell’s Master Beekeeper certification. Sponsord by Texas Roadhouse.

Your Help is Indispensable to Our Work

Bee populations are critical for ensuring a healthy environment. Please give today to build a healthier, more resilient future for all.