Making Buzz in the News

Here are some of the exciting ways The Bee Conservancy has been advocating for bees, habitat, and communities. If you are a member of the media and would like to speak with a member of our team about our work, pollinator conservation, or other sustainability topics, drop us a line.

Featured Press

Pollinator Power Party on Governors Island

The Bee Conservancy celebrated World Bee Day (May 20th) in style this year with our partners Zarbee’s and Con Edison. Featuring a live brass band, hive dives, and lots of informative and fun activities, guests of Governors Island were able to take a peek into the world of bees and leave with a greater appreciation for our buzzworhthy friends.

New Native Bee Sanctuary at World Trade Center Campus

On April 27th, 2022, The Bee Conservancy and the Port Authority of NY & NJ welcomed NYC Girl Scouts to Liberty Park to celebrate our first Bee Sanctuary dedicated exclusively to fostering ground- and cavity-nesting bees! The Scouts participated in an imaginative performance of the reproductive lifecycle of a mason bee (with an original Scout-choreographed impromptu dance to boot) and helped us install two more native bee habitats in the park!

Building Bee Houses 2021

Learn about our collaboration with Brooklyn Woods, the org that’s hand-crafting our native bee houses for our Sponsor-a-Hive award. They train low-income and unemployed individuals for woodworking careers, and it’s been unbee-lievable to work with them.

Protecting Bees and Building Communities Together 2021

Take a peek inside our hive to learn more about why we started this organization, the impact of bees on our daily lives and ecosystems, and the challenges bees face today. Video courtesy of APlus media.

RuPaul's Drag Race: Beehive Jive

Season 12, episode 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race featured a “Beehive Jive” mini-challenge and raised awareness about declining bee populations. After crowning a new queen bee, RuPaul announced a generous donation to our organization and encouraged audiences to check out our online resources on air.


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