Corporate Giving and Partnerships

Change the world with us. Share your commitment to sustainability and social good with high-impact collaborations and giving strategies.

Today’s leading companies are driven by vision and action.

Create impact that extends beyond the workplace to the consumers and communities your organization serves.

Meet your sustainability and social responsibility goals with The Bee Conservancy. Our programming and giving options help your organization amplify its message while protecting vital pollinators and habitats.

Whether you work with us to build bee habitats, educational assets, or custom experiences that delight and inspire target audiences, we leverage our vast experience and network to bring your vision — and environmental stewardship — to life.


  • Corporate and team giving
  • Percentage of sale
  • Co-branded merchandise and experiences
  • Employee training and learning
  • Bee habitats and homes on site
  • Community-based education and development initiatives
  • Land conservation and restoration
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Custom solutions


  • Reinforce your commitment to sustainability and social impact.
  • Increase employee engagement.
  • Inspire consumers and networks.
  • Boost conversion.
  • Connect across multiple touchpoints.

Let’s Take Flight: About Our Programs

Our corporate giving partners activate lasting change while connecting their brands to a trusted nonprofit with proven impact. Together, there’s no limit to what we can do to advance pollinator conservation, ecological sustainability, and community resilience. We can work with your team on custom solutions to meet specific goals, or further core programs that lie at the heart of our mission.

Bee Sanctuaries

TBC  Bee Sanctuaries — located at 4 NYC zoos, Governors Island, and the Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project — incorporate  community science, education, and native plantings for bees, to provide action-based environmental stewardship in a range of communities.

Community Science

Our programs incorporate data collection on bees and other pollinators, helping to close a huge data gap and advance scientific, research-driven initiatives. We provide  communities tools to understand and advocate for their local bee populations and habitats.

Education & Mentorship

Through robust events, workshops, scholarship programs, and mentorship with staff experts, TBC is growing and supporting the next generation of  environmental, food justice, and community leaders through hands-on and experiential learning.

Habitat Development

A major threat to bee decline is habitat loss. TBC  partners with a range of organizations and businesses to develop and implement best practices for season-over-season native plantings, to create connected corridors of pollinator habitat in urban areas everywhere.

Let’s Change the World Together

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